Label: Supernatural Cat
Release date: 2008

Written by Ufomammut
Performed by Ufomammut
Poia - Guitar & synths
Urlo - Bass, Vocals, Fxs and synths
Vita - Drums & synths
Rose Kemp sings on Ammonia
Lorenzer of Lento - additional guitar in Elephantom

Recorded at Magnolia Studio in Milano, Italy
Mixed and mastered at Locomotore Studio in Roma
Italy,  2007/ 2008
Soundlord: Lorenzo Stecconi

Rose Kemp voice recorded by Joe Garcia at the Junction, Bristol (UK)

Malleus − album layout

"Enormous. Suffocating. Like the fur of a mammoth, Idolum manages to capture a sound that is as thick and gravelly as it is clear and defined. Drawing from the murkiest, most spacious depths of Neurosis-esque sludge and the blackest, filthiest doom out there, Ufomammut understand more than most Sabbathian clones of doom that heaviness is not merely the product of one's guitar tone. The unflinching, unresolved darkness present in the melodies is undeniable; I was once listening to this album and my dad, mostly a fan of prog rock and gangsta rap, popped his head in my room just to say "this is fuckin' dark stuff". I couldn't agree more, dad. This album has really managed to get just the right balance of elements and cement Ufomammut's reputation as one of, if not the single heaviest band in the genre. That's a hefty claim to make, I'm aware; and though Ufomammut may not have the filthiest guitar tone or the single fattest riff, in terms of the consistency and overall power in the combination of the suffocating, bassy tone with the dismal melodies and the vacuous atmosphere, this is surpassed by none and those three things combined make Idolum one of the most thoroughly and unquestionably heavy albums that has ever existed".
Encyclopaedia Metallum - The Metal Archives