Album: ORO
Label: Neurot Recordings/Supernatural Cat
Release date: 2012

Written by Ufomammut
Performed by Ufomammut
Lyrics by Urlo
Poia - Guitar & synths
Urlo - Bass, Vocals, Fxs and synths
Vita - Drums
Lorenzer - Screams

Recorded at SOMS "Il Progresso", Sarezzano, Italy in 2011
Mixed and Mastered at Locomotore Studio in Roma, Italy
Soundlord: Lorenzo Stecconi

Malleus − album layout

ORO is an album divided in two parts: Opus Primum and Opus Alter.
"Opus Primum is unashamedly grand in both its scope and sheer ambition. Containing the first five of the project's ten movements, the one thing that becomes apparent upon first listen is the band's immense grasp on dynamics. Opening with an extremely minimal and foreboding synth loop, this tranquil idea is repeated sparsely while a wall of noise gradually builds around it, eventually erupting into a devastatingly doom-ridden crescendo. This may be a well-worn musical technique in 2012, but Ufomammut seem to be well aware of that, using the idea very sparingly throughout and only to advantage of the given piece. Regardless of pace, the music constantly moves forward with a sense of lumbering intensity, be it during a crushing blast of sludge metal or an extremely minimal passage consisting only of whirring electronics.

The band have explicitly stated that Oro should be viewed as one comprehensive piece of music and, as if to reinforce this idea, musical motifs and themes are often revisited and repeated throughout Opus Primum, cleverly reminding the listener that what they are hearing should be heard as such. Given the flawless ease with which each movement flows into the next, it's very easy to see why they possess such a mindset. Whilst many of their peers are content to turn their fuzz pedals up to eleven and furiously bludgeon their way through fifty minutes of leaf-based worship, this is a path that UFOmammut have always steered sensibly clear of. Since their inception nearly fifteen years ago, they have noticeably developed an ever-increasing respect and knack for the art of songwriting. Unlike many, the band do not suffocate their own songs with a lumbering mass of atonal distortion, but instead let their songs breathe and develop at their own natural pace, peppering the music with fascinating sonic touches and subtle flashes of sound that the listener may not have picked up on initially, striking a perfect balance between light and shade. Their musical vision is one that's so obviously well-honed that they know exactly when to kick the music into overdrive before lulling the listener back into a state of sonic paralysis. This technique of theirs is undoubtedly put to its best use yet on Opus Primum." - The Quietus

"Oro “Opus Alter” follows on seamlessly from Oro – “Opus Primum” released five months prior. The depth of meanings present in the wordplay involved in the naming of the albums is worth noting in that the albums are intended to be alchemic variations of one another. Ufomammut state that the concept behind the album name is a play on the palindromic ‘Oro’ which means ‘gold’ in Italian and ‘I pray’ in Latin. The etymology of the word ‘alter’ derives from the medieval latin meaning ‘other of two’ and semantically indicates a difference without a change. Ufomammut present Opus Alter as the dark twin of Opus Primum and develop musical as well as linguistic motifs from Primum in Alter.

A sense of controlled chaos is vented through thick layers of guitars, shattering drums and distant screams. You could loop this album and it would work as a circular song, 'Ouroboros' links both albums to each other and swallows it's own tail in the process. 'Sulphurdew' and 'Deityrant' are stand out tracks containing trademark beastly riffs and a gigantic scale of sound. Ufomammut create a highly atmospheric world of sound that will unfailingly shape your mood and inject vast amounts of bass into your mind." - Metal Injection