Album: Supernaturals - Record One
Label: Supernatural Cat
Release date: 2007

Recorded live at Locomotore Studio in Roma in 2007 by Ufomammut and Lento playing together.
Engineered by Max Spinazzè.
Mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi.

Malleus − album layout

"Descriptions are fairly simple, but only really scratch the surface of just how good this project is. Electric Wizard at their most stoned and psychedelic covering mid-period Neurosis, or perhaps mid-period Neurosis covering the more psychedelic Electric Wizard songs. Feedback everywhere, heaps and heaps of suitably drugged out effects (these dudes love their flangers), a huge amount of layers (I guess having 8 dudes at the recording session helped this aspect a lot), more tribal beats then Through Silver in Blood and Enemy of the Sun combined (Particularly in the excellent freak out that's the third track) , and buried screams into oblivion, and even a few riffs hanging around here and there. Another good description would be a really, really stoned early Isis covering.. mid period Neurosis- Down a particularly good example, with some very celestial-like riffs".
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