Album: XV
Label: Supernatural Cat
Release date: 2014

Written by Ufomammut
Performed by Ufomammut
Poia - Guitar & Fxs
Urlo - Bass, Vocals, Fxs
Vita - Drums

Performed and recorded live at SOMS "Il Progresso" Sarezzano, Italy - February 2014
Mixed and Mastered at Triple Sun in Roma, Italy in 2014
Soundlord: Lorenzo Stecconi

Malleus − album layout

"Ufomammut‘s late-2013/early-2014 “Magickal Mastery Tour” was something special because where the trio of guitarist/keyboardist Poia, bassist/vocalist/keyboardist Urlo and drummer Vita generally keep their focus more recent when it comes to live shows, this time they dipped all the way back to Godlike Snake and the preceding 1999 Satan demo for “Superjunkhead” and covered a little taste of everything between that and “Sulphurdew” from Oro: Opus Alter. A single set spanning a seven-album run isn’t easy to put together, particularly when Ufomammut have grown a tendency to write long-form material, but they did it and for fans, it was something apart from their own version of the “ordinary.”
The Obelisk