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ECATE release date is approaching (the end of March!) and You can preorder Your copy HERE

UFOMAMMUT’s massive international tour in support of Ecate begins directly after its release, with several Italian shows preceding their two-week European tour with the UK’s Conan, and including appearances at both of this year’s Desertfest events in London and Berlin.
And May and June will see the band on their first-ever tour of North America.
Initiated by their anticipated performance at this year’s Maryland Deathfest with lablemates Yob, Neurosis and countless others, UFOMAMMUT’s month-long North America Spring 2015 will run from May 13th through June 13th, with direct support from Relapse Records’ Usnea.

UFOMAMMUT Ecate European Tour Dates:
4/04/2015 e20 Underground – Montecchio Maggiore IT
4/10/2015 Bloom – Mezzago IT
4/18/2015 Impetus festival – Delemont CH
4/19/2015 Glazart – Paris FR w/ Conan
4/21/2015 Forum – Bielefeld DE w/Conan
4/22/2015 Schlachthof – Wiesbaden DE w/ Conan
4/23/2015 Feierwerk – Munich DE w/ Conan
4/24/2015 Desertfest – Berlin DE w/ Conan
4/25/2015 AB – Brussels BE w/ Conan
4/26/2015 Desertfest – London UK w/ Conan
4/28/2015 Vortex – Siegen DE w/ Conan
4/29/2015 Kellerclub – Stuttgart DE
4/30/2015 Weekender Club – Innsbruck AT

UFOMAMMUT North America Spring 2015 w/ Usnea:
5/13/2015 Reggies – Chicago, IL
5/14/2015 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH
5/15/2015 Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
5/16/2015 Mod Club – Toronto, ON
5/17/2015 Le Ritz – Montreal, QC
5/19/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY
5/20/2015 Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA
5/21/2015 Maryland Death Fest – Baltimore, MD [no Usnea]
5/22/2015 King’s – Raleigh, NC
5/23/2015 Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA
5/25/2015 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
5/26/2015 Walter’s – Houston, TX
5/27/2015 Red 7 – Austin, TX
5/29/2015 Sister – Albuquerque, NM
5/30/2015 Flycatcher – Tucson, AZ
5/31/2015 Complex – Los Angeles, CA
6/02/2015 Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
6/03/2015 Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA
6/04/2015 Press Club – Sacramento, CA
6/05/2015 WOW Hall – Eugene, OR [no Usnea]
6/06/2015 Rotture – Portland, OR
6/07/2015 Chop Suey – Seattle, WA
6/08/2015 Neurolux – Boise, ID
6/09/2015 Bar Deluxe – Salt Lake City, UT
6/10/2015 Hi-Dive – Denver, CO
6/12/2015 Turf Club – St Paul, MN
6/13/2015 Metal Grill – Milwaukee, WI

Hope to meet You on the road!!!





UFOMAMMUT is very happy to unveil the artwork of ECATE, once again realized by the power trio of Malleus.

There’s smoke rising from the chimneys as UFOMAMMUT anoints their first track to be spread across the lands in the form of “Temple”, culled from their upcoming Neurot Recordings-bound seventh album, Ecate.
An ambitious break away from their usual approach to crafting songs, and featuring biting riff work combined with an assured sense of regality, and a sweet tooth for luscious progressive segments, clocking in at over seven minutes, “Temple” has the same earworm quality that makes their previous recordings so rewarding to return to, but also sees UFOMAMMUT developing a tendency to explore territories outside of their ritualistic boundaries.

UFOMAMMUT’s “Temple” has been exclusively premiered today via The Quietus, and is now playing at THIS LOCATION.


These short videos offer a chance to explore the story behind the recording of the album and the roots of UFOMAMMUT‘s sound, reaffirming the band’s DIY approach to everything they do. From their second video, drummer Vita explains, “Every time we record a new album we are used to saying it is much different from the previous releases. This time it really is! It has different solutions, a different sound and more complicated drum parts, with much more use of the double kick and also parts that are more accelerated.”

UFOMAMMUT is also thrilled to announce the Ecate release tour of Europe, which kicks off in April and takes the band across Europe, including appearances at both of this year’s Desertfest events in London and Berlin alongside the UK’s Conan.

Additional tour dates are to be announced, including a North American tour coinciding with the band’s first performance at Maryland Deathfest 2015.
Check the gigs HERE



Ecate is the title worthy of deities and of Ufomammut‘s seventh album, which is due out on 30th March via Neurot Recordings.

The Italian power trio, known for their almighty heavy capabilities and psychedelic prowess, have as many discernible similarities as they do differences to their formative roots. Never pandering to the easy classification of doom, Ufomammut charge their sludgy output with inimitable energy and wild, wayfaring ambition which is matched by the tight-knit musical understanding that flows telepathically between the three members; Poia, Urlo, and Vita.

On their latest album, Ufomammut take a confident step forward with their craft, orchestrating atmospheric processions that take the six songs on the album to places as of yet uncharted, the only guide being that of Ecate (Hecate in English), the three-sided goddess who moves between the realms of the living, the dead, and the gods. Traditionally associated with matters of the liminal (statues of her can be found at crossroads and city walls, where she would be believed to either bless or curse travellers), she represents the link between the past, the present and the future in a way which resonates true with Ufomammut, and with the name of the band, too.

Watch the first in a series of video trailers for the album, which we shall be revealing over the course of the next few weeks. These short videos offer a chance to explore the story behind the recording of the album and the roots of their sound, re-affirming the band’s DIY approach to everything they do. Also check out the track listing for Ectate, and upcoming live shows below…


Ecate track listing:
1. Somnium
2. Plouton
3. Chaosecret
4. Temple
5. Revelation
6. Daemon


UFOMAMMUT is putting the final details on the band’s anticipated seventh studio full-length in order for the album to see an early Spring 2015 worldwide release, once again through Neurot Recordings.
While virtually no specific details on the album are yet to be revealed to the public, the album is fully mixed and mastered (by Lorenzo Stecconi) and going into production now.
The record’s title, release date and much more will be unveiled at the dawn of 2015, and mass album and tour updates will ensue through the rest of the year.






















(Photo by Andrea Tomas Prato)

In October, UFOMAMMUT proudly released XV, through the band’s own Supernatural Cat label with support from Neurot, a DVD documenting their intense first fifteen years together.
For nearly two years UFOMAMMUT has been working on this special video project delivered through XV’s more than three hours of footage documenting their vast discography and live accomplishments.
The DVD features Magickal Mastery Live, a twelve-song live act, as well as interviews, outtakes, and extras, captured over the past decade and a half.

Additional info on the upcoming album will be released in the coming weeks as UFOMAMMUT prepares to return to North America for their first major tour of the continent in 2015, including a performance at Maryland Deathfest 2015.
Moreover, the band is also working at gigs in Europe and it’s been confirmed at Desert fest in London and Berlin (april 2015)
Stay tuned for more!


Since 2013, we have been working on a video project which will be released on DVD via Supernatural Cat Records this October
The DVD features over three hours of live footage — including Magickal Mastery Live, a 12 song live act — interviews, outtakes, and extras all documenting these first fifteen years of the band. Titled XV, this audiovisual experience will also be available as a special wooden 8GB USB drive.

ORO was a particularly ambitious album for us, and the Magickal Mastery Tour was a great chance to revisit all of our favorite songs in front of really great crowds. When we took some time to reflect on what we had accomplished we knew that the best ways to celebrate our first fifteen years, was a DVD release, something for our fans to contribute towards and to treasure.
We’re excited about what the next fifteen years has in store…

Preorders for the XV DVD have been posted here, on the Supernatural Cat webstore.

This is the “Magickal Mastery Live” running order:
Eve (Pt. III & IV)

The dvd also contains a super cool documentary about the band, with interviews, old live footage and lots of things to discover about Ufomammut.
Thanks again to all the people that helped us during the years and supported us in our 15 years sonic trip.

More news coming soon.
Stay tuned!


UFOMAMMUT needs You!

We’re working at a dvd for our 15 years as a band.

Since the beginning we’ve been strongly grateful to all of You for following and supporting us during these Years, in our sonic adventure.
So, we’d be totally honored if You could send us a short videoclip (10 sec maximum) about “You and Ufomammut”.
You can do whatever You want, say whatever You want, just tell us why You’re doing it, what You think/feel about Ufomammut.
In the way You prefer.
We’ll try to put You all in the dvd, but at now we don’t know how much room we’ll have left.

You’ll have time till the 20th of June 2014.
And remember, the 15 ones of You we’ll like the most will receive a copy of the dvd as soon as it’ll be ready and out.
So, please, don’t forget to give us Your email contact.

Once done, You can send the video with wetransfer (or if You have other ways, just tell us) at booking@supernaturalcat.com
Please, DON’T SEND THE VIDEO ITSELF via email.
Use a file sharing service platform.

Looking forward to see You!



We’re thrilled to announce we’ll play in Canada, in Victoriaville at the International Festival de Musique Actuelle (FIMAV).
It’ll be a exclusive single gig and we’ll be happy to bring our Magickal Mastery Tour to North America.
You can find more HERE, on the page of the Festival.
Hope to meet a lot of You there and hope to make it to the States too, very soon!




This is the year of our 15th birthday as a band.
It was February when Vita Joined Poia and Urlo in what was going to be a great sonic adventure called UFOMAMMUT.
As You know we toured last year in Europe to share with You these 15 years with the Magickal Mastery tour.
We’re working on new gigs from this upcoming spring to reach places where we’ve never been before.
Like Greece, for example.
And more to be announced.
With a big surprise for May/June.
Then we’ll be at some festival and of course, we’ll have some concerts here in our Country.
We’ll have Birthday party on the 7th of February at Bloom, in Mezzago.
Where we met Ciccio ages ago (it was for the Snailking realease!) and he joined the gang.
Hope to see You there.
Take a plane, a boat, a train, a car, a motorbike or a bicycle and come to say hi.
Of course, You can just come by feet:-)
We’ll have a great night with our friends Zolle and we’ll play a lot of songs from these 15 years.

And well, we’re happy to tell You we’re working on new songs and another project You’ll discover soon.
So, next year we’ll have something new too.
See You on the road!



Hey folks!
Hope everything is good.
2013 has been a very good year for Ufomammut, we’ve been so lucky to play a lot on the road and share lots of feelings with You all.
We hope the year coming will open even more our horizons and we’ll cross our path all around the world.
We’re working at new music, so 2014 will be a very important year for us.
Anyway, this is a short post to wish You all a great new year hoping we’ll meet on the road very soon!


Back from the Magickal

Magickal Mastery tour is ended.
Well, at least for now.
We’re back home after 27 days on the road and 22 gigs.
We’re so thankful to all of the great people that supported us during this tour, it’s been amazing and it’d be nothing without You.
It’s been totally rad to share almost 15 years of Ufomammut with You.
Thanks to Matte and Beth at SOL for the hard work and “amore” put on the building up of this tour.
Thanks to Esa for making Finland a great part of this tour, Bjorn for making Norway happen again, Bonne for helping with the Baltics and to Lauren for the great help with promoting the tour.
Then, horns up for all the bands we shared the stage with.
Expecially we’d like to thank the mighty Zolle (it’s been rad to have You on board for half of the tour), Suma (it’s been great to meet You again, You rock!), Talbot (super cool guys!) and Pedigree.
Then it’s been wonderful to meet our friends on the road, Sara and Benny of Orange Factory (always a pleasure to stay with You!), Lauren (the Brain), our beloved Hendrix R, Bjorn and all the crew at Blitz in Oslo, Esa and Tumpii, Miriam for speaking in Italian in Tallin, Gosia and Simon, Natalia, Bianca and all the other ones we’ve surely forgot in this list…
A super thanks to Matteo for helping us and making fun with us.
And of course, Ciccio for making our sound so fat!

Then…thanks to the Police for all the fines… damn…
Now it’s time for new projects and preparing other tentacles of the Magickal Mastery tour.
So… stay tuned!