We’re happy to announce the first gigs of the year.
You can check them HERE.
Mostly of them are in Italy for now (it’s our Country and we don’t play too much here, so we want to change this thing this year) but we’ll announce more very soon for Europe and maybe other parts of the world.

While we’re working at some personal side projects that will see the light this year (Poia and Urlo with FarwestZombee, Vita with Rogue State and Sonic Wolves), we’re also creating new songs for the album that will follow Ecate.
We’re very excited cause what’s coming out is very interesting and new for us, we’re trying different approaches to the riff and to the construction of the songs and the results seem to be on the right path.
So, if You’re curious, just stay tuned for more news coming soon!

It’s been a weird year, lots of crazy things happened.
As a band, it’s been a great collection of days, we had a new album out in March, we toured a lot, we met a lot of fantastic people while on the road and we started in working on new stuff in the last weeks.
So, surely we’ll remember this past year as a very important one for us.
We’ve a lot of projects for the new one coming, new music, old stuff all mixed together to give to 2016 some good vibes too.
But once again, we have to thanks all the great people following us, all the wonderful guys and gals that have shown up at our gigs in these years, giving us the strength to create our music.
And  we hope You’ll appreciate our present, thanks to Malleus Rock Art Lab: the entirety of Ecate by visuals!
Have a great new year and see You on the road!