This is the year of our 15th birthday as a band.
It was February when Vita Joined Poia and Urlo in what was going to be a great sonic adventure called UFOMAMMUT.
As You know we toured last year in Europe to share with You these 15 years with the Magickal Mastery tour.
We’re working on new gigs from this upcoming spring to reach places where we’ve never been before.
Like Greece, for example.
And more to be announced.
With a big surprise for May/June.
Then we’ll be at some festival and of course, we’ll have some concerts here in our Country.
We’ll have Birthday party on the 7th of February at Bloom, in Mezzago.
Where we met Ciccio ages ago (it was for the Snailking realease!) and he joined the gang.
Hope to see You there.
Take a plane, a boat, a train, a car, a motorbike or a bicycle and come to say hi.
Of course, You can just come by feet:-)
We’ll have a great night with our friends Zolle and we’ll play a lot of songs from these 15 years.

And well, we’re happy to tell You we’re working on new songs and another project You’ll discover soon.
So, next year we’ll have something new too.
See You on the road!



Hey folks!
Hope everything is good.
2013 has been a very good year for Ufomammut, we’ve been so lucky to play a lot on the road and share lots of feelings with You all.
We hope the year coming will open even more our horizons and we’ll cross our path all around the world.
We’re working at new music, so 2014 will be a very important year for us.
Anyway, this is a short post to wish You all a great new year hoping we’ll meet on the road very soon!


Back from the Magickal

Magickal Mastery tour is ended.
Well, at least for now.
We’re back home after 27 days on the road and 22 gigs.
We’re so thankful to all of the great people that supported us during this tour, it’s been amazing and it’d be nothing without You.
It’s been totally rad to share almost 15 years of Ufomammut with You.
Thanks to Matte and Beth at SOL for the hard work and “amore” put on the building up of this tour.
Thanks to Esa for making Finland a great part of this tour, Bjorn for making Norway happen again, Bonne for helping with the Baltics and to Lauren for the great help with promoting the tour.
Then, horns up for all the bands we shared the stage with.
Expecially we’d like to thank the mighty Zolle (it’s been rad to have You on board for half of the tour), Suma (it’s been great to meet You again, You rock!), Talbot (super cool guys!) and Pedigree.
Then it’s been wonderful to meet our friends on the road, Sara and Benny of Orange Factory (always a pleasure to stay with You!), Lauren (the Brain), our beloved Hendrix R, Bjorn and all the crew at Blitz in Oslo, Esa and Tumpii, Miriam for speaking in Italian in Tallin, Gosia and Simon, Natalia, Bianca and all the other ones we’ve surely forgot in this list…
A super thanks to Matteo for helping us and making fun with us.
And of course, Ciccio for making our sound so fat!

Then…thanks to the Police for all the fines… damn…
Now it’s time for new projects and preparing other tentacles of the Magickal Mastery tour.
So… stay tuned!


Only a week to the beginning of the tour.
Looking forward to meet You all on the road!

We’re totally happy to share the first part of the tour with our friends at Zolle.
They’ll bring some good old vibes from the countryside. Cows, thick wine and rock’n'roll!
We are proud to announce that kings of rural metal dirge and harvesters of riffs Zolle are bringing their surplus produce on the road this Autumn with  us!
With gratuitous amounts of methodic groove and grubby stoner swing which can only arise from the tight companionship of a jamming duo, Zolle are one of the few bands going who pack the weight necessary to roll with the conductor of this Magickal tour…
They’ll be on the road with Ufomammut on all dates between 25th September – 5th October inclusive.
Check more about Zolle HERE and THERE

Like a snake biting its own tail, time is circular, and with their upcoming tour, Ufomammut further corroborate ouroboric tendencies…
This autumn, Ufomammut will excavate items from their pliocenic past, keeping their third eye pointed at the future.
The ‘Magickal Mastery Tour‘ is a journey through fifteen years of Ufomammut music, performing under a new light songs from Godlike Snake to ORO, as thanksgiving to people for their support and devotion.
The band commented:
We are very excited to come out and play material from across our album catalogue, whereas recent focus has been on ORO, an album which we are most proud of, we are looking forward to playing older material also, it’s been a while!
Check the gigs HERE.
More dates to be announced, and support acts also, stay tuned because this is only the tip of the iceberg!



We’re back home from our very short Iberian tour.
It’s been rad, meeting You in Bilbao, Barcelos, Madrid and Barcelona has been great.
Thanks for showing up and share so many vibes with us.
We totally loved to play Iberia.
A pity about the gig in A Coruna, but the train accident in Santiago has been such an incredible thing we totally agreed to the will of canceling the festival.
Now it’s time for a few gigs in August and beginning of september and then a surprise will come very soon.
We’re ready to announce it and it’ll be in the next days.
So, stay tuned!


As many of You will know, we’re gonna play Spain and Portugal in a few weeks.
We’re totally excited, even if it’ll be only 5 days.
Hope to meet You guys on the road and stay tuned cause even more news are coming very soon!



Spring tour has finished and it’s been a blast.
Well, it’s been quite difficult to relate it to “spring” cause it’s been always raining, but a few times we enjoyed the sun.
We want to thank You all another time for the great support and love You showed us.
From Belgium to Germany, from UK to Holland, to Czech to Poland… we really had a great time on the road and we shared so many emotions and vibes with so many of You that we feel so honoured to have  a so marvellous “fanbase” like You are.
Moreover we want to thanks a lot Matte and Bettina at SOL for the great effort in working on this little spring tour, Marcin and all the other guys at Asymmetry fest, all the promoters and bands we shared the stage with, Vasek and all the guys in Praha, Sara and Benny, Lauren, Bianca for helping Urlo with his cold,  Amenra cause it’s always great  to meet them, Throwers for the outstanding gig they played at Asymmetry (and we really enjoyed them!) and Matteo for joining the gang on this tour (it’s been a lot of fun!!!).

We’re announcing other gigs very soon, so please, stay tuned!
Another time: THANK YOU