Ufomammut formed in the late 90s by Poia  and Urlo  (rising from the ashes of past band Judy Corda) together with Vita (drums)
For over 20 years, the band has combined the heaviness and majesty of dynamic riff worship with a nuanced understanding of psychedelic tradition and history in music, creating a cosmic, futuristic, and technicolor sound destined for absolute immersion.

Poia and Urlo are both founding members of rock ‘n’ roll graphic design collective Malleus, and of the label Supernatural Cat.

Like any good psychedelic trip, the music of Ufomammut has always been inextricably intertwined with visual art. Poia describes longer compositions “like a painting” as if to reinforce the relevance and importance of visual art in Ufomammut’s music.

UFOMAMMUT= UFO: U(nidentified) F(lying) O(bject) – MAMMUT: italian for mammoth
“UFOMAMMUT” should be pronounced in the italian way, sounding like “oofomammoot”…

Ufomammut are:

Poia – Guitars and Fxs
Urlo – Bass, Vocals, Fxs and Synths
Levre – Drums & Fxs
Ciccio – Soundlord

Ex members:
Vita – Drums
Alien – Synths
Gara – Synths
The Flyeater – Synths
Le Gof – Synths


Studio Albums
2000 – Godlike Snake
2004 – Snailking
2005 – Lucifer Songs
2007 – Supernaturals
2008 – Idolum
2010 – Eve
2012 – Oro (Opus Primum & Opus Alter)
2015 – Ecate
2017 – 8
2019 – XX
2022 – Fenice
2023 – Crookhead EP

Live Albums
2021 – Eve – Live at Roadburn 2011

1999 – Stone Deaf  Forever
2000 – Blue Explosion (Blue Cheer’s Tribute)
2001 – The Mob’s New Plan
2022 – SupernUnknown Redux (Soundgarden Tribute)

2017 – Warsheep

2006 – Lucifer Songs (DVD)
2010 – Eve (DVD)
2012 – Oro (DVD)
2014 – XV: Fifteen Years of Ufomammut (DVD/USB)


MALLEUS Rock Art Lab
Malleus is a music devoted artistic collective spreading its tentacles through all kind of visual arts.
They’re mainly known for their handmade silkscreens for gigs and events.
Poia and Urlo are the founders of this artistic lab together with Lu (the one behind Ufomammut’s visual art).

Supernatural Cat is a very DIY label, it’s an evolving sonic project, run by the 3 music addicted guys of Malleus Rock Art Lab.
The goal of the label is to find music that is not closed in any genre, music has to be filled with the breath of originality, something special, something unique.
Supernatural Cat considers the record like a handicraft piece, a way totally opposed to the serial logic of today.
Almost every release comes out in a first limited edition run, with handmade numbered silkscreened covers and deluxe packages, including different media supports like vinyl, compact disc and dvd.
Obviously, all the artworks of the records come out of the Malleus headquarters.

THE MON is the solo project of Urlo.
Where Ufomammut creates mind-expanding, heavy psychedelic, almost other-dimensional sounds, THE MON by comparison is far more intimate, looking inward, as Urlo explores and examines his inner most thoughts through music.
The aim of THE MON is to reach the boundaries of a spiritual soundscape in which the music becomes purification and atonement, a way to bring out the world that is inside human soul.
THE MON is not only music, as you can discover on the website.

Farwest Zombee was born as a side project of Urlo and it expanded involving Poia, members of lento and the English singer Rose Kemp.
Distorted soundscapes, slow and subtle drones, repetitive circles, eerie and fearful lines make the listener totally involved in a evil and loud atmosphere. 
An abstract project starting from the deep sonorities to cover a complete range of dreaming nightmares.